glimmerman is an engineer passionate about leveraging high fidelity coupled multi-physics modeling and simulation to deliver powerful insights into enhancing product and system design performance. Besides a fundamental understanding of multi-phase, multi-component fluid flow and heat transfer phenomena, his toolbox also packs a wildly vivid imagination, unquenchable thirst for knowledge, incurable curiosity and a magnetic attraction towards blazing through uncharted territories.

glimmerman sports a variety of interests in a multitude of areas: mankind history, creative problem solving and disruptive innovation, technology (high performance computing, software development, additive manufacturing, fog computing, blockchain, data visualization and analytics, optimization algorithms and libraries, augmented reality), foreign languages (French and British English), investments (stock market, real estate market, foreign exchange, crowdfunding) and leadership.

glimmerman recharges spending time with his family, is found of good readings, enjoys hiking, tennis and exploring the world by foot. When his glass of water is still, he researches philosophical answers to “How … ?”.